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 Since we last ‘spoke’, I have had the good fortune of attending, in short order, the Installation Ceremony for W Bro Arley Thorpe at Union 7551 followed by the Annual Communications of the District Grand Lodge of Jamaica & the Cayman Islands (also in January) and the Bahamas & Turks this past weekend.

I am happy to report that the men of Union supported their new WM well, with a fair contingent from sister lodges, and the Scottish District led by Bro Trevor Campbell, RWDGM. As is usual in our parts, such a good time was had by all, the brethren were loathe to depart the Festive Board – more importantly, they were reluctant to allow my departure in order to rest up for my return flight home that morning!

Bro Arley, being “twice installed” (having previously held the Chair of KS in Victoria 2196), the camaraderie between the two lodges was also very evident that evening – long may this continue, and long may Union flourish.

ADGM John Lewis was also present with me in Jamaica, assisting in representing your District, particularly given the tremendous support we received at our recent Extraordinary Communication & Convocation. As was to be expected, we were exceedingly well received. I was privileged to make the acquaintance of VW Bro the Hon Dennis Lalor OJ PGSwdB, a truly extraordinary freemason and benefactor of that District.

As with our own District, Jamaica and Cayman Islands will shortly see a change at the helm, as RW Bro Walter Scott announced his retirement effective next June. He will be replaced by his deputy, VW Brother Dwight Reese in July; an announcement which was well received.

On the matter of ‘supporting the District’, the Jamaica/Caymans Annual Communication attracted some 500 brethren, and the Royal Arch Convocation featured over 300 companions – truly inspiring (and I am told, record) turnouts. Whilst a smaller District ‘numbers wise’, the attendance of Bahamian/Turks brethren & companions was no less heartening for RW Bro Robert Deal on his 1st outing as DGM/GSupt.

I would add that these Districts, albeit to a lesser degree, also face our logistical travel issues which did not dampen their enthusiasm. Hopefully, this is an emerging trend in the region, and with careful advance planning, I am sure that our brethren will not be outdone for our upcoming St. Lucia events!

DDGM Sandiford and ADGM Amechi also ‘wet their representative feet’ on your behalf - W Bro Orwyn at the Installation ceremonies at Research Lodge 9073, and St. Michael’s Chapter 2253. W Bro Dr. Lutz officiated at Abercrombie Lodge & Chapter 2788.

Perhaps we can entice them to report on their own experiences in these pages shortly – after all, they too “have a story” to tell!

Before the 327th/25th in St. Lucia, your District next travels to Dominica for St. George Lodge 3421’s first Installation since joining our assemblies, and I look forward to your support there.

Above all, I encourage all to turn out and support the worthy men selected to lead our lodges/chapters, the ‘highest’ honour those entities may bestow.

Clement Bird
District Grand Master