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I greet you as your newly installed District Grand Master, and Grand Superintendent, thanking all and sundry who were able to sojourn to Antigua to share in this most memorable event!

You would by now have read the earlier comments of our esteemed Past Deputy District Grand Master, VW Bro Leonard Carty PGSwdB, in welcoming you to this newly revamped website.

I can add no more to Bro Lennie’s recounting of recent events, and in respect of the future I would only reassure of the intent to expand the former, basic structure to a vehicle which may additionally act as a repository of critical reporting information for our Secretaries, Scribes and District Officers.

I therefore extend our gratitude to Assistant District Grand Master John Lewis for unhesitatingly agreeing to guide this effort, and trust that we all will hold up our end of the bargain, by ensuring we notify the webmasters of happenings of interest in our lodges and chapters, and our continued outreach efforts into our respective communities.

That latter aspect is of the utmost importance, for after all, we are charged to "...prove to the world, the happy and beneficial effects..." of the Craft!

For my own part, and with a new team, I have been given the tremendous opportunity and responsibility of leading, and charting a productive course for a District which has been in existence since 1740.

On their behalf I pledge that we will give of our utmost to live up to the high standards set by, and build upon the achievements our predecessors. 

I embrace the challenges ahead, and look forward to us all having a rewarding journey.

Clement Bird

District Grand Master